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According to a former U.S. Vice President, a (usually) red type of produce that is the key ingredient to tomato sauce. Obviously it was a misspelling, but it is understandable because said former U.S. Vice President was raised in Indiana, a state known for a plethora of roadside produce stands with signs proclaiming "tomatoe", "greenbean's, pie's, and "ear's of corn", etc.
Based on a real event where said former U.S. Vice President incorrectly corrected a youngster as to the proper spelling of "tomato", holding fast to the spelling "tomatoe".
by Jorg Sacul August 05, 2006
In a public setting, i.e. dinner or a waiting room, when one person gets on a cell phone, the other(s) at the table are compelled to be on their phones also. The faster the other cell phones come out is directly proportional to those individual's lack of self-esteem.
1. Joe and Jen are on a date, Jen gets a call. Within moments, like a telecommunicable disease, Joe whips out his phone and begins randomly texting his friends.

2. While waiting for the nurse to come in, fidgety Phil whips out his cell phone to call his buddy. In response, others in the waiting room start diddling with their phones.
by Jorg Sacul August 05, 2006
Villainess I'd like to fuck!
Wow, that Catwoman...she's a definite VILF!
by Jorg Sacul August 05, 2006

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