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Term used to describe a person who wrongfully believes they are a bad ass. This type of person typically tries to make a dramatic stand for something they see as important, when - in actuality - either no one gives a crap, or they painfully botch the attempt. A nerdy harry cannot be taken seriously on any level. There is NO cost in ignoring them completely.
Greg was really passionate about this new comedy series he discovered. I realized he was a major nerdy harry when he showed me his 'amazing find' was actually a British sci-fi space comedy that has already been yanked from production due to its incredible - though not unforseen - level of SUCK.
by Jorg Fjorgensen February 12, 2010
The state of being a purely awesome gamer who logs on to find themselves up against no fewer than 20 n00bs at one time. Some might also call this target practice. The n00bula effect can only exist if no other experienced gamers are active at the same time.
Greg enters a game to find that his teammates and opposing team all average a kill/death ratio of 0.25. Greg has just entered a massive n00bula.
by Jorg Fjorgensen February 09, 2010
Someone who is undeniably amazing. They have so much testosterone and arrogance they can only be described by this one-word tribute.
I am the sackmaster. The sackmaster knowns all...Obey!!!
by Jorg Fjorgensen February 09, 2010
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