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Used to describe the most likely fictional pairing of twins, Tom and Bill Kaulitz, of the band Tokio Hotel.
You KNOW Tom and Bill commit Kaulitzcest between concerts.

How do you think Tom and Bill feel about Kaulitzcest?
by Jordyann April 04, 2008
also called Kaibacest, tabloidshipping is the slash-y pairing between the two Kaiba brothers, Seto and Mokuba
Tabloidshipping is my favorite yaoi pairing.
by Jordyann December 29, 2007
A holiday exactly two months after Valentine's. Also known as Single's Awareness Day. Single people(usually teenagers) wear black.
"Did you know Black Day's tommorow?"
"Why? You single?"
by Jordyann April 04, 2008
The unsung hero of anime! Made only to die. Usually has only one line. Can be found in nearly every anime.
"What are you watching?"
"FullMetal Alchemist. Soldier A just died again."

Soldier A, the unsung hero of anime!
by Jordyann March 11, 2009
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