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6 definitions by Jordie

This is a smiley - it can be used when shocked or upset (hence it looking a little bit like a crying face). Can also be !.! or whatever else comes to mind.
Shock: !___! This chick dissed me on MSN!

Sadness: !.! My dog died today...
by Jordie August 03, 2004
Direct linking means what it says - directly linking to someone else's image, usually by right-clicking and copying the URL to use elsewhere. It is considered by many to be a serious form of theft as you are taxing that person's bandwidth.
That naughty person direct-linked the animation from Karla's website!
by Jordie April 10, 2005
A subculture on the Internet, hence e-subculture. A perfect example would be the idiot-speaking community.
by Jordie June 18, 2005
People (typically n00bs) who insist on posting anonymously to online communities, usually just to cheese non-anonymous people off.

The singular form is anonymouse.
#1: Dang, those anonymice are annoying.
#2: You said it.
by Jordie June 04, 2005
An online journal owned by a girl. See blog.
She ranted in her girlblog about the rude salesman.
by Jordie May 03, 2005
Rubbish, balderdash, etc.
Don't give me that flibble.
by Jordie June 18, 2005