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Time is an absolute truth regardless of the state of existence so long as it is not the forever end. In the physical universe there need be motion of any kind for time to have something to be relative to. Time travel can not exist in the popular sense. One can travel forward in time while seemingly no time passes for the traveler, but this is an illusion caused by being in some kind of stasis. True travel back in time can not occur.

This is not to say that instantaneous or near-instantaneous travel is impossible, just that such theories may not come into conflict with time's law.
It took a long time before the big bang happened again.
by Jorden K L December 04, 2006
Western women (plural)

A western woman is a woman who is difficult and stressful. She also hates how Asian women are often happy being subservient to men.

Western Woman is the arch-enemy of Charisma Man and sees the geek inside of him.
Uh oh, here comes a western woman. I hope she doesn't speak Japanese or my date is ruined.

I'm tired of western women. They are just too much work.
by Jorden K L December 16, 2006
Coined by Larry Rodney for his comic strip of the same name. Charisma Man was the alter ego of a typical western man in Japan. Because of this strip it has come into common usage by many westerners in Japan, and has spread to similar countries like Korea.

A charisma man is typically a western male in an Asia country who enjoys unexpected popularity, particularly if he was nothing special in his home country.
From Charisma Man comic strip, "Back on his home planet of Canada our hero was just another average guy, but when he landed on planet Japan he became Charisma Man. But can our hero defend himself against his arch-enemy Western Woman!?"
by Jorden K L December 16, 2006
1. Itisness comes from itis which means being sleepy typically as a result of eating a large fatty meal. Itisness extends this to mean a state of relaxation or idleness.

2. Itisness was read as it-is-ness and so was interpreted as meaning a meditative state of being which is ironically similar to the original meaning. It is also used as a one word explanation for anything.
1. Sundays are my days of itisness, sitting on the couch watching talk shows.

2. I tried to find reasons why, but failed and had to settle for itisness.
by Jorden K L November 28, 2006
Uynv is the multiverse. May refer to a multiverse when used in the context of a greater reality.
I also use Uynv to refer to the totality of my and my writers' fictional work with regards to the Uynv multiverse.
by Jorden K L December 03, 2006
Within virtual reality. Something inside of a computer simulated environment.
If Oculus Rift is a success I will be spending a lot more time invirtu.

I've got a Canadian girlfriend invirtu.
by Jorden K L May 25, 2014

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