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Being jew and jealous at the same time.

Hense, jewlish
Jordan: Nigga i got some bapes!
Ryan: they gay!!
Jordan: Dont be jewlish!!!
Ryan: haha
Jordan: roflll
#jewliss #jewlous #jewlesh #jew #jealous
by JordannB October 16, 2007
Tag: -:LOD:-

Clan name, meaning 'Live or Die'. The most elite clan in DF2(Delta Force 2) since 1999. Lead by many trustworthy leaders, but the most effective and best leader was Grimace.
newb clan: LOD is kickin' our fuckin ass!
LOD: we b scrappin these mugs.
other lod members: lol

LOD is godly.
#lod #pwn #df2 #grimace #owners
by JordannB August 16, 2007
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