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Hardcore finger fucking.
I totally finger blasted her snatch, she had fucking internal bleeding when I was done with her.
by JordandiginZ0rz October 26, 2003
Means "The Spark" in Russian. It was the name of Lenin's newspaper.
Let's read the Iskra and talk about how communism works in theory, so we sound like we're intelligent, although everyone already knows that.
by JordandiginZ0rz October 26, 2003
Exquisite Bulgarian rap band. From Bulgaria! Emilio manages them and steals all of their stotinki when they are sleeping.
Bat Venci: Emilio good man is.
Emilio: I steal your stotinki when you sleep.
Bat Venci: :0
by JordanDiginZ0rz October 04, 2003
Slang term for vagina.
Ima hit Tina's coochal crevice if it's the last thing I do!
by JordandiginZ0rz October 26, 2003
Someone who is worthless, or, insignificant.
Chris is such an insignif, he never tells the truth and always praises the New Jersey Devils.
by JordandiginZ0rz October 26, 2003
What Jordan steals from people in order to use them for other purposes.
by Jordandiginz0rz November 30, 2003
What happens when you ride a bike on a frozen lake. You get all dicey and shiznat. (((WHAT WHAT!)))
Check it, lets go ride on that lake with our Huffy's, it's for sure gonna end up dicey!
by JordanDiginZ0rz October 05, 2003

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