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mp3 player made by apple, high priced and not long lasting. endorsed by everyone and owned by everyone, except ppl who are broke,hate apple, or whos parents bought them a even crappier mp3 player. idk about you guys but my battery lasts for atleast 20 hours str8 so idk what u are talking about. bottom line, got the money and like the wheel? buy it. want to upload and unload songs? use a diffrent program then itunes. want free songs? you kno how...... buy the cds! lmao
me: stop bitching and let ppl buy what ever the fuck they want.

you: omg apple sucks price sucks battery sucks listin to me i must control your life and make u get ride of an ipod cuz i hate them.
by Jordan rafiki mon September 11, 2007
the best and worse thing ever created rolled into one and added in is a fuck you time called period also known as a female. usualy awsome eye candy unless below a 5 on the scale ;). if above a 5 usualy a good sign that it is ok to have intercourse without having to hide the fact that you did, any lower and you just need to mack bitches better =)
john smith: dammm son look at that bitty ova there

matt johnson; god dammm thats one fine female like a 9 go get her digits nigga

John: ight yo watch this game ima throw

matt; you do that ima smoke a blunt

john; iiight yo peace out

matt: peace and goodluck wit da bitty
by Jordan rafiki mon September 11, 2007

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