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Hair Dye colors your hair. It comes in many shades, nautral (blond, brown, etc.) and unnaurtal (orange, green, pink, red, blue, etc.) There is three kinds, Perminate which stays in forever, Semi-perminate which will fade out, and wash out which will wash out after three of four washes. There are many brands of hair dye and they can be found at your local target, walmart, any stores like that, also at Hot Topic, Discontent, etc. There is also highlighters and lowlighters.
Girl one: Damn, my hair color is boreing. I think we should pick up some hair Dye and change it.
Girl two: What color do you want?
#hair coloring #bleaching #color changeing #hair #hair color
by Jordan Toxic March 01, 2006
The people who use the google search engin to find anything and everything.
Girl: SHH there googleing the anwser
Other Girl: God, thier such Googlewhackers
#google #search engine #obsessive #untalented #constant
by Jordan Toxic March 01, 2006
Basically another name for the bathroom that I thought up one day at camp
Chick: Damn I have to pee
Guy: THen go use the Urination Station
#bathroom #lavatory #pee pot #chamber room #toilet
by Jordan Toxic March 01, 2006
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