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2 definitions by Jordan Roth

AIM Rape is when you see someone sign onto AOL Instant Messenger; and you message them before the little picture of the opening door goes away.
AIM Rape:

"OMG! Jordan just signed on, I have to say hi."

sororitygirlx: Hi
sororitygirlx: How are you
sororitygirlx: Where were you last night?
sororitygirlx: Why aren't you answering me?
sororitygirlx: I don't see it saying that you are typing
sororitygirlx: This is bullshit I'm coming over
thewaablah: sorry I can't reply while I'm still authing into the server.
by Jordan Roth October 08, 2005
A college located in the middle of Baltimore's gay district. Recently has opened it's door to freshman and sophmore students, which one would think would lead to more women who are not married/engaged/bull dikes. But alas it's just more of the same, just younger
I think I'm going to give up sex with college girls, I'm transferring to UB.
by Jordan Roth May 06, 2005