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A long, exhausting, and rather pointless lecture, often given in the monotonous style of Mohinder Suresh from ABC's Heroes.
Giving Mohinders were almost a hobby to Professor X
by Jordan Lowndes January 07, 2008
An alternate spelling to 'XD.' A way of expressing joy and lols
Axe-Dee is = to XD as PWND is = to Owned
by Jordan Lowndes January 07, 2008
Very old and most likely debunked misinformation posted for the millionth time on a forum either by a confused noob or a devious troll.
I saw it! It's a lion! It's huge!
by Jordan Lowndes January 09, 2008
To do something with the intention of creating excessive, empty hype over something little if any people know anything about, especially in relationship to an upcomming movie.
To fall for such a scheme.
Hud: This is going to be the best film ever!
Rob: Don't fall for people trying to Cloverfield you, Hud.
by Jordan Lowndes January 07, 2008

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