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4 definitions by Jordan Harrier

In lower case means intercourse. From the funny movie Caveman starring Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach. Shelly Long was in it as well. Probably her best ever performance.
I want to have zugzug with Shelly Long.
by Jordan Harrier March 12, 2005
22 2
A clear distinction of an effective, speedy donation.
I got a copy of the Mark O'Connor CD but amvets'd it the next day after hearing it.
by Jordan Harrier March 12, 2005
8 3
To make a fresh or corrected copy of a CD or DVD.
The DVD couldn't be played on all of our players so I reburned a copy on a different disk brand.
by Jordan Harrier December 27, 2006
1 5
In lower case zugzug as a train, similar to choochoo in English.
Zug, pronounced tzoog, is of Germanic origination and means train.
"zugzug" as declared by Milla Jojovich in 5th Element as a train roared up a building.
by Jordan Harrier March 12, 2005
5 12