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A girl that appears rather shy or docile, until you get her in the sack only to find she lights your life up. she can do stuff you never thought possible.
Gina is soo shy an gentle, but god danm she a sex hermit, i literally almost exploded
#closet slut #silent whore #nice slut #sleeper #waker
by Jordan Gates August 04, 2006
a girl with really small tits, but gigantic nipples
Blanch is hot, but man does she have brail hog nips
#large nipples #small tits #moons #rounders #beef tits
by Jordan Gates August 04, 2006
a word used only when your at a complete loss for words.
Girlfriend: i saw you with that girl last night.
Guy: Merstick
#saying nothing #dumb look on your face #blank #empty #nothing
by Jordan Gates August 04, 2006
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