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3 definitions by Jordan Fuller

The best fuckin anime ever
Jordan: Hey did you watch deathnote
Pat: What's deathnote
Jordan:You got to be kidding me it's the best anime ever
by Jordan Fuller March 17, 2008
Another name for a fat person
Steve: Hey John your fat

John: Fuck you im fluffy
by Jordan Fuller March 06, 2008
When your doing a girl from the back you start yellin who is the mindfreak repeatly until she scream you are thats when you smack her in the face with your cock and say
Chris Angel is a mind freak
Jordan: Hey guess wat I did last night
Lamar: What you do now
Jordan: I gave my girl a Chris Angel
Lamar: Your a fuckin mind freak
Jordan: I know
by Jordan Fuller March 14, 2008