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The dirt in which gold nuggets were uncovered via the panning process used during the California gold rush. Dirt and water were shoveled into large bowls and swished around as a quick way to find gold nuggets.
"Ah ha! Paydirt" - Tyler from the movie/book "Fight Club"
#pay #dirt #paydirt #gold #wealth
by Jordan Brooke March 22, 2006
Screamo is a subdevision of Emo which is a subdivision of Punk Rock which is a subdivision of Punk which is a subdivision of Rock. Screamo started in the mid 90s when a young man who couldn't sing begged his four friends to let him join their band. Having no talent at all and hurt by their rejection he screamed "LET ME BE IN THE BAND!"

The band was both shocked and impressed by their friends ability to scream and let him join out of sheer fear.
"This screamo band sucks ass!"
"I can't stand screamo!"

Also see: sucky, lame, horrible and retarded
by Jordan Brooke March 27, 2005
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