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1. A condom from Trojan. It is a special type of condom with a special type of lubricant, which is Spermicidal Lubricant. The Spermicidal Lubricant is for extra protection against pregancy. However, the Supra is not suitable for rectal use or multiple vaginal use, you can use it for the vagina only ONCE A DAY. So this condom is for people who like to have short sex.

2. A car from Toyota, which is powered by a Twin Turbocharged Inline-6 Engine(MKIV) producing around 325 horsepower.
1. My girlfriend said she wants to have short sex, so I bought a pack of Trojan Supra condoms. If she wanted to have long sex, I would have bought Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms.

2. I saw a Supra in Detroit today. It was loud.
by Jordan Stevens June 05, 2006
A damn good ass cereal by Kellogg's.
I love me some Smorz Cereal.
by Jordan Stevens April 19, 2007
Street Fighter's tribute to Bruce Lee.

Fei Long is a Kung Fu action movie star who seeks to test his skills by facing true opponents. Fei Long has no projectiles, as he is a close range fighter. Usually, he is looked upon as a lower to mid tier character. However, Fei Long can be deadly in the right hands.

His three special moves are the Rekkaken (which can be stringed up to three times), Rekkukyaku (aka Chicken Wing) and Shienkyaku (Flame Kick).

The Rekkaken (QCF + P) is a special punch that can be stringed together up to three times for a quick combo. A good Fei Long player will need to use Rekkas often. The Rekkas are also known to have good range, as Rekkas will slide Fei towards his opponent.

The Chicken Wing (HCF, UF + K) can hit overhead on crouched opponents, and is a good way to start off combos. The RK Chicken Wing can usually get Fei over projectiles.

The Flame Kick (RDPM + K) is his AntiAir move, and can be used for wake ups. When stringed into combos, Flame Kicks can work wonders.

Fei Long might sound difficult to master, and I wont lie - He's not the easiest to use. However, he's very fun to play as, and plus he's simply badass.
My favorite Street Fighter character is Fei Long, because he's fun to play as. He's also like Bruce Lee, and Bruce Lee was the shit.
by Jordan Stevens March 10, 2009
PLENTY of definitions for this word, it can mean one of these:

1. To move quickly; sprint
2. A point in baseball
3. To 'own'
4. To steal
5. To race someone

there's plenty more, those are just a few.
1. Rick: I can run fast.
Bob: Really? I can too. I run the 40 yard dash in 4.7 seconds, what's your best time?

2. Mario: Well, the Tigers need 2 more runs to take the lead...

3. Shaun: Bitches, I run this town. Aint noone fucking with me!

4. Pete: Some asshole just ran my phone.
Jake: Yeah, that sucks. My phone got ran a couple of years ago.

5. Jordan: Hey Jesse, do you think that guy with the GTO will run you? He claims to be making over 500 to the rear wheels.
Jesse: I don't know if he will, I'll go ask him.
by Jordan Stevens July 25, 2009
a city that way too much people talk shit about.
it's not as bad as everyone thinks.

also, slim daddy is a faggot, who has never been to detroit.
fuck slim daddy.
detroit 4 life
by Jordan Stevens May 18, 2007
A fake enemy.

Faux(Pronounced FO)
Fake, false.

Foe(also Pronounced FO)

Made to sound like FoFo, which is a .44 Magnum
Jordan's enemy is Ray. Ray talks too much shit about Jordan. Jordan wanted to fight Ray but he backed down like a bitch. Therefore, Ray is a Faux Foe.

Also, if a wigger is an enemy to you, he is automatically a Faux Foe, due to him being a fake black person.
by Jordan Stevens May 09, 2007
1. Without remorse.
2. A badass song by Metallica.
1. Tim: Wow. Look at what that guy is doing out of that broad.
Brad: Yeah man, that guy has no remorse for her.

2. Brian: Hey! Have you ever heard No Remorse by Metallica?
Danny: Hell yeah! That song is awesome. I believe the chorus riff was the inspiration for the song in Doom's first level?
Brian: Yeah, that's true.
by Jordan Stevens March 04, 2008

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