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Totally awesomeness. Like a cross betwix Adam Sandler, Ben Savage, Spiderman, and twinkies.
Ashvin: Awww, I wish I was as cool as a Jordy.
Jordy: Shut up you whiney whore.
by Jord---- Mike March 14, 2005
A different spelling of Jordy. Possibly the best way to spell the name, but definantly not as cool as the REAL Geordies. I'm sure as hell moving there.
Teach: Do you go by Jordan?
Me: Nope. Jordy.
Teach: How do you spell that?
Me: J-O-R-D-Y.
Teach: (slam pencil!!) How do you really spell it??
Me: (confused) Um.. G-E-O-R-D-I-E?
Teach: That's better...
by Jord---- Mike March 14, 2005
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