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Being the most expensive zip code in the country and with the highest per capita income of any city in the world, Atherton is where rich people work before retiring to places for old people such as Rancho Santa Fe (cheaper) or Palm Springs (also cheaper). It is seperated into 3 main areas, the area south of Alameda, where Larry Ellison and a few other billionaires live, the midtown area which includes normal people in normal houses that just happen to retail for around 3 Million each, at the cheapest, and the COMPARABLY stank ass area north of El Camino, which includes Lindenwood, a knockoff of midtown, which is impossible to navigate. It is still better than Hillsborough. Other neighboring knockoffs of Atherton include Woodside and Palo Alto, which are the only comparably nice areas, and Menlo Park, which is identical to Atherton except for the addition of businesses, sidewalks, and postage stamp sized lots. In Portola Valley, everyone knows each other (in a creepy way) and no flowers grow because otherwise Portola Valley wouldn't be an ugly shithole, which it undoubtably is. Being an Athertonian is sometimes annoying, as telling people that you are from Atherton puts you prone to constant mooching. In summary, Atherton is much nicer than where you live. The End.
Portola Valley is like Atherton, except with pretentious, genetically inferior scum. And no plants.

Atherton is where Laguna Beach should be shot, because one Athertonian man from South Atherton could buy both the city of Laguna Beach, and all the cast members from the show. And they would still have enough to buy Haiti.
by Joqueefbo Lapuista Jackson January 02, 2006

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