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3 definitions by Jopan Rocks

A grave, or a hole someone is placed in after they are deceased. Or living, waiting for that person to die.
Oh god then you awoke
You started screaming through the duct tape
Don't ever think I'm letting you go
I'm busy digging you a hole
Now you'll be living in a dirt room
by Jopan Rocks January 11, 2009
An event, period, or entity that is incredibly unfavorable. The event, period, or entity is so bad, and keeps getting worse in such a way that it is spectacular. It leads people to wonder how this thing could have gotten so bad.
Bob: Jeez, I had a really bad day!

Jeff: Oh come on, it couldn't have been that bad.

Bob: Oh, it was. So bad, in fact, I'd have to say it was shittacular.
by Jopan Rocks December 05, 2008
A disease that rips families, friendships, and couples apart. It strikes from virtually no where, and scientist are still puzzled as to what has caused it. It is a disease in which the one afflicted is obsessed with his or her own feces. In most recorded cases the subject believes that their excrement is somehow trying to communicate with them. There also seems to be a pattern in which the afflicted fishes their defecation out of the toilet bowl and "saves them for later." They are often retained in jars. No one with this disease has ever been cured.
Peter: Next... next to the... uh... pickles... in the... um... pantry... was that... err... was that shit?

Chaz: Don't be so inconsiderate! I have Skeetzophrenia.

Peter: Is that like Gingervitis?
by Jopan Rocks December 18, 2008