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2 definitions by Joop

Acronym for Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and Lesbian individuals.
"The two-hour synposium dealt with GBTL teens and their current family and societal relationships as they prepared to express their sexual preferences publicly."
by Joop June 13, 2006
A) To use way too many words when just a few will do, thus, meekly, trying to project an image of experience and knowledge where such does not exists, or has been mis-integrated by the user, causing a belief it is quantity which rules, not the quality and directness of the prose or verbal discription, thus generating the stench of verbal or written diarrhea to permeate the area or writing.

When asked to write a one paragraph discription of his favorite class, the student thesaurusized it into a six page tome. The Admission Reader was not pleased.
by Joop February 18, 2006