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You know you're a band geek if:
1. You secretly look down on all those not in band
2. You like to make fun of choir kids
3. The songs you're learning in band tend to get stuck in your head ALL DAY
4. Band is your favourite class of the day
5. A lot of your stories start with "Remember that time in band when..."
6. You can play more than one instrument
7. You will fight to the death to defend band if someone makes fun of you for being in it
8. You KNOW band is awesome and no one can tell you otherwise!

However, there is still prejudice amongst the band geeks. There are the uppity, 'too cool' kids who only took band because they thought it'd be an easy class, but they don't really count as band geeks. Then there are the kids (usually asian) who practise all the time and are AMAZING, but keep to themselves and usually don't talk at all. Then there are the rest of the geeks, who come in all shapes sizes colours and abilities.
Choir kid: "Ew band..."
Band geek: "STFU you choir queer!"
#band geek #awesome #band life #bandies #choir kids
by Jonty! October 26, 2011
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