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Rebecca is the sexiest redhead on the planet! Her blue eyes will make you melt! Everyone wants to be her or be with her, she always gets the best guys/girls and has the power to make anyone jealous! She likes to be in control but it will drive you wild! She is a tease and will make you think you have a chance with her but really she will only accept the best. Every boy has tried to sleep with her and failed. Her best points are her amazing legs, her ass, her sense of humor and her ability to make anyone smile and treat people right! She doesn't let anything bother her and will always come out on top.
"Dude I really want to get with Rebecca!' 'Try your luck?' 'Already have man she's in love with her fiance Cheryl.' 'Ha! You got turned down for a chick!'
by Jonny73662551 April 11, 2011

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