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Japanese word for happiness.
Shiawase desu ka? (are you happy?)
by Jonny K October 16, 2003
The distance that a womans nipples move apart when she takes her bra off.

Staying as they are being the level of zero and inward movement being a near impossible feat that should provide amazement.
Wow man, that woman is perfect, she has zero nork tortion!
by Jonny K November 01, 2005
A nasty pocky immitator. Tastes like chalk and has taken the pocky box graphics.
Dude gimme some chocky, i wanna burn it.
by Jonny K October 16, 2003
The japanese spelling for green tee.
Gurin Tee!? WTH is that?
by Jonny K October 16, 2003
the art of being a dumbass, being an assface, being a complete moron
getting lost in your own house, yo dude you jsut pulled a gluzman
by jonny k June 12, 2003
one who breaks wind while bathing and then eats the bubbles
Leroy is the only admitted foondart in our whole school.
by Jonny K March 23, 2003

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