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snobby little bitches who thinks they are too good for the world, usually have first names of abby, haille, kelly, or sarah
Wow that bitch just spent 50 bucks on a nailpolish, what a pittsford girl
#snobby #bitch #stuck up #girl #rich
by Jonny Freedon September 04, 2007
not bullshit children, it stands for butt sex. dont be fooled. common abusers get very bad diseases from the act of BS
"Alyssa had some extreme BS with that crazy freak over their in the corner"
#butt #anal #sex #butsex #butt sex
by Jonny Freedon October 19, 2009
A doober is a good friend, you would only call someone a doober if they have truly earned the privilage.
"Doober that night was awesome"
#friend #friends #doober #male #guy #man
by Jonny Freedon January 11, 2010
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