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a guy who likes other guys butts gay
hide your arse, theres a man hole inspector about
by Jonny C March 05, 2004
wabb something that hangs out of your trunks
yo biatch, suck me wabb
by Jonny C March 05, 2004
the harness a ho uses for holding plastic or metal dildos for shafting her biatch
(in a shop) excuse me sir will this dildo fit my exquisit penis adaptor
by Jonny C March 12, 2004
known in the gay community as a "giver", "turd burglar" etc etc
look biatch, than mans getting a goog old rodgering from that unside down gardener
by Jonny C March 06, 2004
someone who lacks intelligence
Carol Porter would say "huh, excuse me but your such a dib"
by Jonny C March 06, 2004

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