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3 definitions by Jonny Boy

Tryhards is a slang term for those uber trendy people who try too hard to follow fashion trends etc. Ever go to toni and guys hairdressers and look at the bloke who works there with his wristbands, mullet hair-cut and ripped jeans etc!!
toni and guy hairdressers.
all trendy hairdressers.
some students are try hards.
some collegees are try hards.
anyone with a mullet, wrist bands, and one of them belts that is worn dangling down!
by Jonny Boy August 14, 2005
a college burnout, who has kept his college mentality : "forget tomorow"
who is that monkey on tv? (response: george bush
by Jonny boy August 02, 2005
Throw me a watermelon
Hey bob, walla
by Jonny Boy October 24, 2003