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4 definitions by Jonnie

One's true love that will last always and forever.
Nick proposed to Sarah. For he has found his LaFawnduh.
by Jonnie April 03, 2005
189 35
fanjita (see fanjita)
gis a look at your HUIP!
by jonnie November 24, 2004
3 4
An indication of bravery amoungs men!
That bastards got real bollocks!!
by Jonnie January 19, 2005
4 9
Really jonnie/ailsa like.. (cool)
Hey look at him, he's so Jonnie-like, I want to bone/be boned by him.. because he's rumbunctious

Hey look at her, she's so Ailsa-like, I want to bone/be boned by her.. because she's rumbunctious
by Jonnie January 20, 2004
10 15