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to do something so incredibly stupid it can only be defined as an extremelycrackheaded thing to do.
Did you hear about John? He's in the hospital because he lit his head on fire for $23 bucks! That is so crack headed
by joni miller April 10, 2008
1. awesomeness
joni's cookies are sweetastic.

there is nothing more sweetastic than a corn dog.
by joni miller April 04, 2008
someone who keeps the coke rewards caps for the 3-point codes to try and win the crap coke can't even sell.
Chris: Holy Hell! Did you see that?

Jack: See what?

Chris: That Cap keepers stack! It almost toppled over when I sat on the couch, I mean if those paper codes weren't there...It would have been a massacre.
by Joni Miller July 10, 2008

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