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Another word for muffin.

A baked cake that is in the shape of a mushroom and that will eventually rule the world along with sporks.
I ate a m00fin the other day
by Joni March 05, 2005
A woman who is as wicked and evil as the worst of your nightmares. One with whom you do not want to upset or anger.
I went out with Blackheart. I did her wrong. All i remember is her watching me slither and squirm and laughing while she watched me burn. She is far more fierce than her male counter because she can bleed for 5 days and not die.
by Joni December 10, 2004
female masturbation
Sandra couldn't answer the door because she was busy petting the pussy.
by joni September 20, 2003
A finnish word. A fishing equipment. You can also describe people with that word. Means like ugly, awful, horrible and so on.
Hey! Shall we go fishing? Yeah, what shall we use? Hmm.. Maybe katiska should do the job.

Or as an insult: That girl was true katiska!!
by Joni March 23, 2005
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