22 definitions by Jonesy

Kelly's soooo Fuckin HOT!
There's this girl at work I'd love to fuck - KSFH
by Jonesy July 14, 2003
A male name which originates from the Basque country in Spain. a typically attractive and irresistable guy, who lies 100% of the time.
what did you do last night? karol.
by jOneSy June 28, 2004
A tomboy in a lil alaskan village.
Theres another "mooshi" on the run.
by jonesy November 25, 2003
The great God of Gt. Yarmouth College studying HND Computing. \0/
A very awsome d00d.
by Jonesy February 12, 2004
An ugly little teenage thug with dodgey ginger hair
"how man make az a rooley ginga"
by Jonesy January 31, 2003
a total homosexual fruitcake. Used most often when referring to a gay guy. Other synonyms are faggot, fag, homo, cocksucker, cumguzzler, fudgepacker, and froot loop.
Why are there so many queers at Northern Kentucky University?
by jonesy February 28, 2005
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