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A subculture of people who are typically interested in anthropomorphism. There are three types:

Tier 1- Mildly interested. Probably don't own a fursuit. Like furry art and stories. Make up about 90% of furry population.

Tier 2- Highly interested. Most likely own a suit and have a fursona. A little weird, yes, but there are weirder things. Usually harmless, very social. Make up about 6% of furry population.

Tier 3- The general idea of furries to ignorant people. Those who take it too far. Believe themselves to be nonhuman and sometimes engage in sexual activity. It is this tier that began the negative portrayal of furries. Perhaps 4% make up the furry population.

That is all. And no, I'm not a furry, nor am I a furry hater.
A furry is a person who has an affinity for animals, but furries are often portrayed as bestial lowlifes, a sad stereotype that has unfortunately grown in the past few years.
by Jonesman August 31, 2010

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