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A Usually tall girl. who is sometimes a hoe, but really cares about others. She ALWAYS stays sober, and is a straight arrow. But tempts men with her good loooks.
Hey Reilley isn't going to that party!

OOWWWowww did you just see Reilley!
by Jonesgirl July 08, 2009
A pathetic small-ass "town." the almost non-existant population is 3,280, sadly it is the second largest in the county after Berlin. Activities there include: walking, smoking pot, drinking, jogging, running, skinny dipping, and walking. The town doesn't even have a high school. Instead, all the teens go to a regional high school along with teens from Dalton, Carroll, Jefferson, and Whitefield. Even with 5 towns going there, only 500 kids attend the school, the back "vo-ag" hallway is really only used for ski practice and doing drugs. The only movie theatre in the town has one screen and gets movies about 3 months after they originally come out. Most of....actually 99.9% of the population are total hicks, and wear steel-toe boots and carharts to school.
"Let's go to Lancaster, NH to watch a movie."

"Ha! What are we going to see, Grease?"
by jonesgirl July 08, 2009

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