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Work by Joshua Jones – a word, an entity, a being created at the beginning of time which require individuals or organizations to accomplish tasks, for a reward, that others do not want to do. It creates a monogamist approach to our minds where we are forced to enter the office and perform a single task over and over again, or until facebook or a stupid computer games pries away from another meaningless duty, limiting our independent thought to that of a simple machine. An escape from your wife, an underpaid way to pass time, a place to make single serving friends, some of which you talk badly about behind their backs cause they simply suck, all because we want material items that we can use for (hopefully) 48 carefree hours known as the weekend. Even better, a place to beat the system, make the money, use it to get drunk, get laid, and buy things for the now, and take 4 day weekends because the office thinks you’re on important meetings… I’m good at the work I choose to do.
to the office: I have work alllll weeekend
to your friends: I will be in Vegas from Thursday to Monday doing work blowing my savings
by Jonesey23 September 24, 2009

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