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Gangsta rap manages to ruin the image of hip hop, black people, and actual gangsters in all possible levels.
Its lyrics are usually about urban crime, drugs, guns, bitches, gangs and all that stuff the rappers and their listeners never actually saw or lived with.

Most artist have some very tame background with some kind of criminal life, like selling pot or cocaine in high school for a couple of bucks, or doing graffiti in the post office's window. Some of them were eventually shot or went to jail for some very pathetic reason wich made them fell like the next al capone. After being lucky and obedient enough to become successful in the music industry, they live as eternal wannabe thugs in huge mansions drinking champagne and watching video clips in their plasma tvs, you know, the stuff the so called "white people" they so much criticize usually do. Very few of them have ever been caught doing the kinds things they claim to do, except, of course, having sex with a handful of women. They do have sex with those women as long as they are well payed. Still they spend most time just beating the crap out of them for self-assertion, because in the gangsta culture, real sexual intercourse is not manly enough.
If you are looking for musicians that did fuck a handful of women search rock bands in the 60s, especially those who don't keep bragging about it, those are usually the real deal.
Its audience consists solely of suburban american teenagers who are naive enough to believe that a guy dealing with real organized crime would take the time to go record an albums, do interviews on MTV and take pictures with their shirts off for magazines.

Some conservative individuals as blind as the kids who listen to gangsta rap, do blame it for the increase in violence, crime and drug use among teenagers. The truth is people who listen to that are just some rich kids doing crack. Actual criminals and gang members don't take gangsta rap seriously since they have a very good idea of how fake it is.

The violent nature of rap has also been used on a very unpredictable way as a mean of propaganda to encourage young people to accept going to the war in Iraq to get their ass shot as if that was something a gangsta would do. Gangsta rap is, after all, controlled by white collars, who are also among the group of people who profit out of wars.
by Jones Sones December 22, 2009

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