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To engage in anal sex.
Woah! I can't BELIEVE that she let me Nudge the Fudge. I wasn't expecting that turn of events!
by Jonathan87 April 10, 2004
to Engage in a "69", and the guy accidentally bumps his nose against the girls anus.
"Whoops.. sorta nudged the fudge.. hope she didn't notice that... oh boy... this is awkward..."
by Jonathan87 April 11, 2004
A brick wall designed to block out hot waves of Christ.
"Damn it, Frank! Would you take down that Damn God-Blocker?? My grandma's on the other side of that, and I think she's have problems with her trachea again!"
by Jonathan87 April 07, 2004
It means breakfast.
"How early are the supplements and pucktiles commencing?" (meaning: When are we having breakfast?)
by Jonathan87 April 07, 2004
To engage in vigorous sexual activity.
Sorry I'm late dude, I had to Nudge the Judge with my lady.
by Jonathan87 April 10, 2004

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