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1 definition by Jonathan Silva Birdde

Pronounced (Yo-Nee)
1. An arousing feeling in ones pants. Often referring to ones arousing pleasure with their reproductive organ.
2. The male reproductive organ
3. The female reproductive organ. Or their G-spot
4. An annoying jewish kid
5. See F***
Yoned, Yon, Yoner, Yoning, Yonis, Yongina, Yonies
1. Master of yonies
1. Fred likes to think that when he looks at me, he gets a yoner.
2. She got yoned by that donkey at the donkey show
3. Yoni is such a yoni.
4. I heard Magic Johnson was a yonmeister before he got AIDS.
5. He plays with his yonis in the shower
6. Her yongina had a mildred
by Jonathan Silva Birdde October 28, 2008