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3 definitions by Jonathan Ribhole

A hole in which ribs and other unwanted items are thrown.
Throw your waiter in the ribhole.
by Jonathan Ribhole January 25, 2004
The last workday of the week, usually a Friday, when one tries to do less actual work and spend more time admiring the work done earlier in the week.
On Admiration Day:
Bob - "Did you get any work done Today?"
James - "Almost nothing but I got plenty of things done earlier this week."
by Jonathan Ribhole August 08, 2008
1. To be warthy is to be able to develop software in such a fashion that it meets the customers needs, is delivered on time, fault free and within budget.

2. A module of code that is known to work correctly and satisfy the needs for which it was designed.
If you're not warthy, Microsoft doesn't want you.

Only warthy people may code with my company.

The code wasn't warthy so we junked it.
by Jonathan Ribhole August 14, 2007