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When a father and son duo blow each other in the 69 position. 69 + an extra dick = 70.
I walked in on Mr. Johannson and his son doing the seventy. Damn, that's one happy family!
by Jonathan Pompadour January 22, 2008
When you receive a blowjob but you are not the slightest bit aroused. Your flacid and lifeless penis looks like a worm that a young birdling is pecking at.
That landcow of a girl was so nasty she was doing the baby bird until I threw her out.
by Jonathan Pompadour January 22, 2008
When you sit in the front child seat area of a shopping cart and a wobo (woman hobo) proceeds to blow you while she is pushing the cart through the hood and collecting cans.
I got so wrecked the other night, someone told me I was seen with a wobo getting the ole saturday night special!
by Jonathan Pompadour January 22, 2008
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