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When a woman is having her period and you want to warn other males about it you say Def Con.
Mom: Timmy!!!! Clean your fothermucking room!!!!!!
Timmy: What the hells with mom?
Bobby: Def Con
Timmy: Ohh. Thanks.........sure mom.....i love you!
by Jonathan McDoodi May 20, 2008
Warts found on a mans penis or womans VAGINA! You receive warts on that area when a girl shoves a frog up there Vagina and a mans penis makes contact with it while have sexy time!
Boy: Can i check your vagina first?
Girl: Sure.....why?
Boy: Just checking for frogs
Girl: Oh.....
Boy: I wouldnt want Genital Warts
by Jonathan McDoodi May 20, 2008
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