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A nonsensical phrase that found it's origin in the film "Freaks" (1932). In the movie it is chanted by geniune deformed people at a wedding ceremony.

I can be used as a chant in an acceptance ceremony, or as a comical phrase to those familiar with it's origins.

Has been used on the television shows "South Park" and "Clerks: the Animated Series".
"We accept you, one of us! Gooble Gobble!" (Repeat)
by Jonathan L. Waldman May 12, 2005
Music or noises so loud that it makes one throw up.

Rarely heard anywhere but Slayer Concerts.
"Dude, I just went to a concert and it was Slayer Loud."
by Jonathan L. Waldman June 01, 2005
An Alcoholic Beverage Made From Meat.

The Manliest Drink Ever.
Ahoy, we be drunk on meatahol.
by Jonathan L. Waldman May 07, 2007
-Something that one has when one views a film in which actor DANNY TREJO appears onscreen.

-Also a phrase that one shouts when one has a Trejo Sighting.
"I was watching HEAT and I had a Trejo Sighting."

*While Watching HEAT* "Trejo Sighting!!!"
by Jonathan L. Waldman June 01, 2005
The greatest advent in rock and roll technology EVER. Four people throw up rock horns and then arange them in a vague rectangular type shape,with connecting pointer and pinky fingers arranged at 90 degree angles.

It is essentially a double ROCKTANGLE

A picture of a correctly performed ROCKTAGON can be seen here

GUY #1: "Dudes this music rocks so much that I'm affraid that regular old rock horns just aren't gonna cut it."
GUY #2 "I know lets throw a ROCKTAGON."
GUYS #1,3,4: "That's a freaking awesome idea."
by Jonathan L. Waldman January 10, 2006
-To get something.

-It is a combonation of the words "Procure" and "Acquire". It was created on accident; when a person got his words mixed up, and continued to say the new, combined word word.

-Past Tense: Procquired
-On Tuesday I Proquired a copy of "The Life Aquatic" from Best Buy.

-I need to proquire some new shoes
by Jonathan L. Waldman May 12, 2005
The Realm Between The Panels in a Comic.

Created by Penny Arcade
"Occasionally an artist puts their name in the imaginarium"
by Jonathan L. Waldman June 01, 2005

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