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A penis that has been tied into a knot which may or may not include the scrotum. Also used when describing a person who is similarly mixed up and causing some form of annoyance.
Damn it Matthew you penis wad, this is the third time this week you messed up the money.
by Jonathan Gunz February 20, 2005
To blindside or sucker punch someone in a sensitive region, most often the balls.
I was about to leave when the bitch snook me with the old up and under trick.
by Jonathan Gunz February 21, 2005
A double entendre for a man with no equals. The no equals refers both to the fact that he is one of a kind and also to his exteremely small penis. The small penis reference is derived from the missing equals sign in the standard text representation of a penis 8==D.
Even though the artist formerly known as Prince may have rocked assless pants real hard, Matthew still remains the 8D.
by Jonathan Gunz February 22, 2005
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