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The best shit you'll ever see. You can find it in a video or even in a magizine, but the most popular way of seing it is through the internet.
Some friend: Hey, JC wanna go make fun of people?

JC: You can go make fun of people and shove it up your ass, i'm watching Porn-o!
by Jonathan Cervantes November 14, 2005
A muthafucking dumbass. A disgrace to mankind. You might as well see dumbass for this.
Some guy: Hey fool, "What's up"? Did you see the stupid ass last night?

JC: Who? Bush? That degenerate was bitching about absolutly nothing. Who the fuck voted for him?
by Jonathan Cervantes November 14, 2005
A tool used to make the women receive your seed. Is usually used to dispose of two different liquids. Usually urine or a white substance....maybe i'm giving out too much info. If you're a male and you're looking for the definition of "penis" you must be a schmale.
JC- "I have been a proud owner of a penis for over 13 years." :D

by Jonathan Cervantes November 15, 2005

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