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Symbolizing an unthinkable amount. Tributed to the biggest man in history - Chris Nash. Standing a massive 13ft 4" he made "The Great Khali" from "WWE" look like an ant.

He ate that massive dinosaur (the one that looks like a T-Rex with a fin) from Jurassic Park 3 for a snack :|

He fought Ronald McDonald and won. (Holy shit)

Egypt used to by underwater until he got thirsty and made that river that runs past the pyramids a trickle of its former self *shudders*
"This song rocks with a Nashload of bass!"

"Can I have a Big Mac meal please?"
"Yeah sure, you wanna go large, supersize, bucketsize, or do you just want a nashload?"
"Nashload FTW"
*Beeping of tipper truck is heard*
by Jonathan Beardsley August 08, 2007
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