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"A naturally foreordained event. A state in which other outcomes are impossible. A result which can only be obtained by a single causality, and all other causalities would necessarily create different results. So reads the Kodansha Japanese desk dictionary, second edition." - Yuko Ichihara, xxxHolic
"There is not such thing as coincidence in this world. the only thing is hitsuzen.
by Jonathan Bass February 21, 2008
How some site interpret the word 'yuko' with a 'U' that has a Macron above it.
yūko - another example why some people hate computers
by Jonathan Bass February 22, 2008
1. - A city in Chiba, Japan
2. - Last name of the Space-time witch Yuko Ichihara from xxxHolic.
Ever been to Ichihara?
by Jonathan Bass February 22, 2008
giving an item,object, or idea of value to someone or something in exchange for something that is of equal value, or vice versa. Though similar to equivalent exchange, Equal compensation is more economic then scientific or alchemical.
1. - Equal compensation for her injuries was $500,000
by Jonathan Bass February 22, 2008
For any system to be considered a life form, it must meet the following criteria:

1. It must be able to react to its environment beyond simple physical properties
2. It must be able to regulate its internal environment (Homeostasis)
3. It must be able to maintain it self without outside instruction
4. It must require energy to operate
5. It must be able to, on a population level, reproduce

A dog is a form of life
by Jonathan Bass February 27, 2008
1. - The Sorceress who runs a wish granting shot in Tokyo. Also known as the Space-Time Witch. Will grant any wish in exchange for 'equal compensation'. Commonly uses the term Hitsuzen

2. - A primary protagonist in the Series xxxHolic by CLAMP
Yuko Ichihara is freaking bi-polar
by Jonathan Bass February 22, 2008

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