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this is when you feel like you're high, but you're not on drugs or alcohol.
Bob: Dude, I feel like I'm on a junk trip.
Joe: But, you're not high!
Bob: That's the whole point!
by Jonathan "Johnny" Jones August 10, 2008
when you are texting on your phone, and hiding it from your friends, parents, teachers, etc.
I was blind texting today and spelled so many words wrong, that the recipient didn't understand the message!
by Jonathan "Johnny" Jones February 04, 2009
When something's better than nice, it's noice.
Guy 1: That guy just made a basketball shot from across the room!
Guy 2: Noice!
by Jonathan "Johnny" Jones October 07, 2009
another word for tattoo
Nice tat.
by Jonathan "Johnny" Jones November 08, 2009
A person who can play video games for hours, most preferably good games.
Bob: Is Gary still playing Zelda?
Joe: Yeah, since 4 o'clock. Now it's 10! What a power gamer.
by Jonathan "Johnny" Jones November 08, 2009

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