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134 definitions by Jonathan

a term describing a girl with no boobs. very offense in most cases
hey tracy your flat a board! When you gunna start looking good? you ugly!
by jonathan July 12, 2005
The sum total of all interactive web log blog communication.

It can also refer to a particular web community that allows for opinionated commentary on news stories.
"Dailykos.com is a major liberal outlet in the blogosphere."
by Jonathan September 27, 2004
A circumcised male.
Instead of picking teams, the guys divided up between CLEAN HEADS and cheese dicks for a game of hoops.
by Jonathan January 20, 2004
A temporary solution that has been implemented on a permanent basis.
That constuction trailer has been in use for years and has become perminary.
by Jonathan July 28, 2004
Is the myth the legend the man.
Dennis: Who's Fridh?
Carl: He is the man
Richard: Don't forget that he is the legend to!
by Jonathan May 29, 2004
bum beads are droplets of saliva left after some serious ass rimming.
"Did you meet Nick at the gay bar the other night?" "Yeah, sure did. I went back to his place and rimmed him for ages. When I was done, I pulled away and could make out his bum beads."
by Jonathan June 14, 2006
This is when a prominent musician, singer, actor, entertainer 'finds' God then finds he can only produce inspipid, mindless rubbish afterwards or everything he/she subsequently does from then on in has to be infused with elements of their new found faith. See Cliff Richard as an example of this.
He was an amazingly fluent musician who played with fire and power but as soon as he became christed he began to produce some of the most bland and syrupy music known to humankind. It was a waste of immense talent.
by Jonathan June 22, 2004