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The special power posessed only by Jews that enables them to identify Jews by looks or, at most, hearing them speak. It is imporant to note that non-Jews do not and cannot have this power, as many of them naively believe that all Jews are fair-skinned with huge noses and jew-fros. Only some of us are, shmucks.
You'd be surprised at how many Jews come in here.... my jewdar is off the charts.
by Jonathan January 18, 2004
To take a fake sip of alcohol and then prouncing to everyone that, "Im sooooo wasted!"
Dude, I was drinking my margarita when Kate grabbed it, poured absolut voldka into it, took a small sip, spat it out onto the floor, and then started yelling at everyone that she was so wasted! It was a Kate sip!
by Jonathan June 17, 2006
a term describing a girl with no boobs. very offense in most cases
hey tracy your flat a board! When you gunna start looking good? you ugly!
by jonathan July 12, 2005
bum beads are droplets of saliva left after some serious ass rimming.
"Did you meet Nick at the gay bar the other night?" "Yeah, sure did. I went back to his place and rimmed him for ages. When I was done, I pulled away and could make out his bum beads."
by Jonathan June 14, 2006
A temporary solution that has been implemented on a permanent basis.
That constuction trailer has been in use for years and has become perminary.
by Jonathan July 28, 2004
Baddiel is a term given for a very unfunny comedian or one who believes he/she is funny but really isn't.
We all piled into the minivan and made our way to Bracknell to see Donna McPhail doing stand-up. At one point during her act, she asked if there was a doctor in the house. There was. He replied "Yes, now tell me if there is a comedian?" She was sooo bad she was a Baddiel.
by Jonathan June 22, 2004
Is the myth the legend the man.
Dennis: Who's Fridh?
Carl: He is the man
Richard: Don't forget that he is the legend to!
by Jonathan May 29, 2004

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