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misch: noun. A kid who is always cool and really funny. The kid may have friends who think they can beat-box and dance, but really can't. The typical misch doesn't let such people bother them.
Jonathan is such a misch
by Jonathan December 16, 2004
Verb: To increase to or surpass the set speed limit on a highway or road.
You need to "Pooya-Pooya!"
by Jonathan December 01, 2003
See: Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Part 3 (Life, The Universe, and Everything)

Bistromathics is an extremely powerful addendum to improbability science used to power the ship Bistromath, owned by Fjord modelor Slartibartfast. It operates on a few major factors of suspected values versus actual values of Italian dining. 2 of such values are:

1. The amount of reservations made to an Italian restaurant versus the amount of people that actually show up. Both are entirely arbitrary values completely unrelated to one another.

2. The prices of the food in the menu versus the actual amount paid. The values are also completely arbitray and unrelated with the exception of the fact that they are never the same.
Bistromathics have given rise to incredible new advancements in improbability propulsion.
by Jonathan December 01, 2004
Gotta go make a doody. In the toilet
Andrew brb(be right back) ggmad.
by Jonathan August 15, 2004
The special power posessed only by Jews that enables them to identify Jews by looks or, at most, hearing them speak. It is imporant to note that non-Jews do not and cannot have this power, as many of them naively believe that all Jews are fair-skinned with huge noses and jew-fros. Only some of us are, shmucks.
You'd be surprised at how many Jews come in here.... my jewdar is off the charts.
by Jonathan January 18, 2004
Buttsausage. The term for a gay man's enormous cock, that he puts up other men's butts, forcing them to fart like mad as their rectums strain to handle the girth.
The gay fella saw the young dude in the white jeans and couldn't help but look at his big package. He wondered if he could take all that buttsausage. His crack was still a bit tender from the night before so he thought better of it but what a wonderful idea it had been.
by Jonathan October 04, 2004
The sum total of all interactive web log blog communication.

It can also refer to a particular web community that allows for opinionated commentary on news stories.
"Dailykos.com is a major liberal outlet in the blogosphere."
by Jonathan September 27, 2004

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