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134 definitions by Jonathan

a place where they chop up dead animals
i'm going to get some beef from the butchers
by Jonathan November 20, 2003
Word used to describe a vagina that's beat and/or resembles pastrami.
She must have just got through fucking an army of dudes because she was smashed!

She wouldn't feel a fence post there, she's smashed.
by Jonathan January 14, 2005
The coolest OT member evar, he's so cool, people actually let him postwhore and stuff
Zonda, from OT, is the new god of life
by Jonathan September 08, 2004
Recoil is what I have to do with my penis after urinating so it will fit back into my jeans.
JUST HOLD ON! I will be out as soon as I recoil my penis and zip my jeans.
by Jonathan September 21, 2004
Bastardization for quebeckers of "moi".
C't'à moé ça!.
Donne moé ça.
by Jonathan January 28, 2004
A punch to the cooter.
Smashing the vagina with your fist.
She wouldn't put out so I gave her a burger shot.
by Jonathan December 04, 2004
A place for hairy lesbians, metrosexuals, "artists", people who can't be away from their laptops for more than 5 minutes, uptight wanna-be rich bitches, people who can't drink coffee without removing their shoes and "soccer moms" hang out. They also, incidently, have great coffee.
I got a coffee at Starbucks and learned that orange is the new black, horrah!
by Jonathan January 13, 2005