134 definitions by Jonathan

The act of pooping in inappropriate public places.
Pooping off of the roof of a liquor store.
by Jonathan April 09, 2004
shit, poop, caca, #2, etc..
Man! That burrito really made me have to go fwah!!!
by Jonathan August 29, 2002
excessive armpit hair that at first glance appears to look like juicy ground meat
"Damn, taco meat freak!"
by Jonathan January 27, 2004
term used for sound effects.
*while a character in a video game is getting punched* "hoose hoose hoose!"
by Jonathan June 19, 2006
a black person trying to act white
yo nigga fdsjsjfhjkdasHLfjkhalkfjsdfh
by jonathan April 23, 2005
the art of being a total dumbass one who knows nothing about anything
Nicholas you stupid nobo
by Jonathan March 28, 2005
To engage in immature and destructive activites due to boredom
Some of my friends throw eggs at cars late at night; they act so tribal sometimes.
by Jonathan October 02, 2003

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