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A little blonde hot ass slut thats always horny.
When ambwhore came over we fucked like rabbits.
by Jonathan April 04, 2004
One with both qualities/likeness of a poo, and a big bowl of chili.
"Man, Paul is such a big poo-chili today."
by jonathan November 19, 2002
Is short for the commonly used term,dousche bag, or someone who is a terrible person, and who everyone thinks should be kicked in the balls, or punched directly in the ovary.
Man, those librarians are such baggers. I think that one should be punched in the ovary.
by Jonathan March 23, 2005
To snap ones teeth at another person.
Jimmy looked at Patty and said "arch".
by Jonathan February 03, 2005
a guy who fakes being gay
bob:ace is such a fag
jim:no man he fucked my girlfriend last night, he can't be gay
gary:hes a metrosexual, bob
by jonathan February 23, 2004
Noun: A collection of many short time periods.
We will leave to depart to the mall in "A Few Whiles."
by Jonathan December 01, 2003
A maggot that is eating the decayed remains of a female human vagina.
a.She had a yeast infection so bad, you could have sword there were vaggots eating that shit.
b. As I walked into the room I could only smell the cold stale stench of vaggot ridden vagina
by Jonathan December 13, 2004
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